Game Instructions

How to play

  1. Shuffle the Number Friends cards and place them between the 2 players.(We will call this the ‘deck’ of cards.)
  2. Each player takes 4 cards from the ‘deck’.
  3. Players take turns to roll the number dice.
  4. Player with the greater number on the dice takes the “more than” card and a “is” card. The other player will take the “less than” card and a “is” card.
  5. Each player uses 3 of his Number Friends cards and the 2 comparison cards to form a Maths sentence.Examples of Maths sentences: ‘5 is 2 more than 3’ or ‘3 is 2 less than 5’.
  6. Players check if the sentence formed by other player is correct.
  7. If the sentence formed is correct, player keeps the 3 cards and returns the unused card to the ‘deck’. If the sentence formed is incorrect, player returns all 4 cards to the ‘deck’.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7. Game ends when the ‘deck’ has less than 8 cards.

How to win

The player with the most Number Friends cards wins the game!

Suggested Solutions

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