Game Instructions

How to play

  1. Player rolls the 3 dice.
  2. Player combines all the 3 numbers on the dice using any combination of addition and subtraction to make a correct number sentence.
  3. Player has 1 minute to place his counter on the number on the board which is equal to the answer of the number sentence made in step 2 (see example below). Example 6 – 2 + 3 = 7 Player places a counter on the number 7 on the game board.
  4. If player is unable to put a counter on the board, the other player has 1 minute to try using the other player’s numbers on the dice to claim a square.
  5. Players take turns to play, repeating steps 1 to 4, until one player has used up all his counters.

How to win

The player with no counter left wins the game!

Suggested Solutions

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