Q1. What are the scheduled times for the classes?

Classes are held in different schools on different days/times. Please refer to the website to find the school you or the school can send the pupils to.

Q2. What is the class size?

We expect to have a maximum of 100 pupils in each session. The main trainer is the mathematician teacher but there is a trained facilitator for every group of 20 pupils.

Q3. Do we need to register for entire 4 modules in one go or we can do this module by module?

No. Registration is per module. Its important that the student wants to continue and not forced to do it. Also, we will be giving the parent feedback to enable a decision to be made for the next module.

Q4. Is SMS-TOP similar to Olympiad training?

Training to develop mathematical talent and training for competitions are very different. However, we expect SMS-TOP students to be more than ready to be trained for competitions in P6.

Q5. Will there be homework?

There will be some homework, in particular, questions we wish for them to think over for the week. The programme encourages the school teachers to sit in, so that these pupils have a resource person during the week in school

Q6. What kind of outcomes can we look forward from this programme?

As the programme is taught and designed by mathematicians to nurture the next generation of mathematicians, it aims to keep the students curious and interested in playing with mathematical ideas