Mathematicians based in Singapore get together to bring you an enriching curriculum and to teach these young talents. These mathematicians include


Professor Koh Khee Meng

NUS Professor


Professor Lee Peng Yee

NIE Professor


Professor Ling San

NTU Dean & Professor


Dr Lim-Teo Suat Khoh

Former NIE Dean


Dr Tay Eng Guan

Associate Professor


Dr Tang Wee Kee

NTU award winning lecturer

… and other mathematicians from NUS, NTU and NIE.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from the mathematicians.

Singapore Mathematical Society

The Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) was established in 1952 as the representative national body of the mathematical community in Singapore. SMS mission has always been the promotion and advancement of the mathematical sciences. Recognising that interest in mathematics must be cultivated early in life, the SMS has chosen to focus a significant portion of its attention on school teachers and students. SMS have organised various activities, such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, that aim to stimulate students’ interests in the subject and encourage them to broaden their exposure beyond the usual school curriculum. SMS also partners the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) in the training and participation of the Singapore team in the International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) and are proud to have contributed to Singapore’s strong performance at the IMO.

Add-venture Learning

Add-venture Learning, publishes the +venture in Maths! and +venture in Solving Maths Problems magazines for primary school pupils. These publications aim to nurture a child’s love for mathematics and to make the learning of mathematics fun and meaningful. In addition, we also produce Number and Geometry game sets that excite and transform minds through play. All these are in line with the company’s vision of making learning maths a +ve (positive) adventure. Add-venture Learning aims to provide support and ensure success of the SMS-TOP programme.