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Game Instructions

How to play

  1. Players join the 9 shape-boards together to form a 3 x 3 game board.
  2. Players select the colour of their tangram sets.
  3. Player rolls a fraction dice and selects a shape on the game board. Player places his tangram pieces on the game board to form the selected shape so that the fraction of the shape covered corresponds to the fraction rolled.
  4. Tangram pieces used cannot be removed from the board during the game. If a player is unable to form the selected shape correctly with his tangram pieces, player forfeits a turn.
  5. Players take turns to play, repeating steps 3 and 4. The game ends when there is a winner or when both players are unable to use their remaining tangram pieces.

How to win

There are 3 ways to win the game:

(i) The first player to form 3 shapes in a row, column or diagonal.

(ii) The first player to use all his 7 tangram pieces.

(iii) The player with fewer tangram pieces at the end of the game.

Suggested Solutions

There are many ways of covering the shapes partially in this game.

Here are some examples.

These are the seven pieces of the Tangram set:

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