Game Instructions

How to play

  1. Each player selects the colour of his tangram set, counter and 1 shape card.
  2. Players place all their tangram sets in 1 big box.
  3. Players place their counters on ‘START’.
  4. Player rolls the dice and moves the counter the number of spaces corresponding to the number shown on the dice.
    • When the counter lands at the bottom of a ladder or fountain, player moves his counter up to the top.
    • When the counter lands on top of a slide, player moves his counter down.
    • When the counter lands on a tangram shape, the player collects that piece of his tangram set from the box; if the shape is not available, he waits for his next turn.
  5. Player forms the shape shown on his shape card with the collected tangram pieces.
  6. If the player’s counter passes or lands on ‘FINISH’, he is allowed to collect 1 more tangram piece for his set. Player returns to the starting point if he has not collected all his tangram pieces.
  7. Players take turns to play, repeating steps 4 to 6, until one of the players has collected all his 7 tangram pieces AND completed his shape formation.

How to win

The player who completes the formation on his shape card first wins the game!

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