Bundle 1 – 2022 Grade 4 Magazine Subscription

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+venture in Solving Maths Problems – Primary 4

Celebrate Singapore’s 56th Birthday with our NDP Bundle Special and get 2021 Term 4 issues FREE (4 issues) with every 2022 subscription!

  • Improve thinking and problem solving skills
  • Learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way
  • Follows the latest MOE syllabus
  • Develop problem solving strategies in the MOE curriculum and more
  • FREE 4 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems (Term 4 2021)
  • 16 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems 2022
  • 1 Bonus Holiday Issue of +venture in Solving Maths Problems 2022
  • 4 issues sent per school term
  • Each issue contains 16 full color pages of illustrations

Delivery Schedule
2 Issues between 15-31 December (Term 1)
2 Issues in February (Term 1)
4 Issues in March (Term 2)
4 Issues in June (Term 3)
4 Issues in September (Term 4)
1 Issue in November (Holiday Issue)


Free Term 4 2021 (4 Issues) of your choice

74 reviews for Bundle 1 – 2022 Grade 4 Magazine Subscription

  1. Parent of Benedict F**

    Light hearted, most importantly my child likes to read the magazine in general.

  2. Parent of Gwen T**

    The step-by-step solution.

  3. Parent of Ng T*** E* D***

    I like the part where I and my child could be able to play a few maths games at treats and tricks part.

  4. Royce D****

    Working backwardsThe games are fun

  5. Benedict F**

    I learnt that there is another way to do guess and checkI like the ” treats ans tricks” the most

  6. Gwen T**

    Draw a Model, and Making a supposition.I like the small speeches between Hito, Trianne, Pete, and Carl.

  7. Ng T*** E* D***

    1.Perpendicular and Parallel lines,2.Angles,3.Checking the answer.I like the part on treats and tricks.

  8. Parent of Ethan L** H**** R***

    There are many fun ways for my child to learn Maths. He also likes to participate in the competitions and has received a prize before!

  9. Parent of Tew W** H**

    The Let’s Practice is a good way for my child to recap. I also like the games. As I play with my child, I know that she is learning maths too. It is good to see that she is having fun as she learn some maths.

  10. Parent of Ng P** W**

    It lets me child understand the method for some working.

  11. Ethan L** H**** R***

    I have learnt more about the “Working Backwards’ and ‘Making Suppositions’. They were very detailed.There are very fun and interesting comics, and they make me learn a lot things too.

  12. Tew W** H**

    I had learnt to solve word problems the easier way- the four steps, understand the problem, plan, carry out and check your answer.I like the games best. That way, I can carry out the games with my friends as well as my family members!

  13. Ng P** W**

    Guess and check, Drawing model, working backwards.The fact we have to remember about the problems.

  14. Chow Y** T**

    +Venture in Maths is very fun in the fun start.

  15. Woo W** Y*

    I like the competition most in add-venture in maths because it gives us challenging question.

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