Bundle 1 – 2022 Grade 5 Magazine Subscription

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+venture in Solving Maths Problems – Primary 5

Celebrate Singapore’s 56th Birthday with our NDP Bundle Special and get 2021 Term 4 issues FREE (4 issues) with every 2022 subscription!

  • Improve thinking and problem solving skills
  • Learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way
  • Follows the latest MOE syllabus
  • Develop problem solving strategies in the MOE curriculum and more
  • FREE 4 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems (Term 4 2021)
  • 16 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems 2022
  • 1 Bonus Holiday Issue of +venture Solving in Maths Problems 2022
  • 4 issues sent per school term
  • Each issue contains 16 full color pages of illustrations

Delivery Schedule
2 Issues between 15-31 December (Term 1)
2 Issues in February (Term 1)
4 Issues in March (Term 2)
4 Issues in June (Term 3)
4 Issues in September (Term 4)
1 Issue in November (Holiday Issue)


Free Term 4 2021 (4 Issues) of your choice

64 reviews for Bundle 1 – 2022 Grade 5 Magazine Subscription

  1. Yin S******

    I learnt different ways to find the area of triangle and some shortcuts to do work faster.I like the competition most,as the prizes attract me from participating,although I only got a prize once,but I will continue to try.

  2. Brenda S*** K** L*

    I have learnt how to do listing, area of triangles, pattern and many more effective methods to solve problems sumsI like the competitions the most as they are both challenging and fun to solve. I even get a prize too

  3. Ang J* Z**

    I learnt the methods to solve challenging questions and I learnt how to count equivalent ratios easily without spending too much time on one question when I have many more to go.I like the Puzzle Corner most. To me, it is the most challenging part of the publication

  4. Parent of Koh S**** Y**

    The challenging questions!

  5. Parent of Aayan V****

    I feel the questions are very understandable after my child reads the comic strip as it makes it easy and thus, my child is able to do all the questions through the new methods that are always taught with some hands-on activities like games.

  6. Parent of Yan X******

    The questions.They are interesting and just right for my child.

  7. Koh S**** Y**

    The understand the problem,plan, carry out, checkThe interactive game boards that some of the magazines have.

  8. Aayan V****

    I have learnt how to break my problem into simple steps through the Gauss theory and at the same time, I learnt how to solve problems with different alternative methods.I like the part where there is a little comic strip which makes it easy for us to understand the problem and at the same time, it also relates to us how such similar problems can arise in our daily lives.

  9. Yan X******

    The area of triangles, stick-together triangles.the colourful and clear explainations.

  10. Parent of Tew W** H**

    I like the puzzle corner where you create mind-boggling, interesting and attractive puzzles to test my child’s thinking. I also enjoy solving the puzzles with my child!

  11. Parent of Darryl C*** K** X***

    It taught my son much about math. He has improved in his math compared to the previous year.

  12. Parent of Tiya B*****

    Explanation of difficult concepts

  13. Tew W** H**

    Making a List, Model, AssumptionI like the part where you use colourful pictures and interesting ideas to introduce us to a new topic or strategy. It helps me to understand better and faster.

  14. Darryl C*** K** X***

    I learnt how to do complicated ratio. Ratio was very difficult but I managed to solve them with +venture in Maths.The tips and tricks. They were very fun and I learnt new stuff from there.

  15. Tiya B*****

    Logic Problem, Working backwards, etc.Competition and challenging problems

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