Bundle 1 – 2022 Grade 5 Magazine Subscription

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+venture in Solving Maths Problems – Primary 5

Celebrate Singapore’s 56th Birthday with our NDP Bundle Special and get 2021 Term 4 issues FREE (4 issues) with every 2022 subscription!

  • Improve thinking and problem solving skills
  • Learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way
  • Follows the latest MOE syllabus
  • Develop problem solving strategies in the MOE curriculum and more
  • FREE 4 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems (Term 4 2021)
  • 16 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems 2022
  • 1 Bonus Holiday Issue of +venture Solving in Maths Problems 2022
  • 4 issues sent per school term
  • Each issue contains 16 full color pages of illustrations

Delivery Schedule
2 Issues between 15-31 December (Term 1)
2 Issues in February (Term 1)
4 Issues in March (Term 2)
4 Issues in June (Term 3)
4 Issues in September (Term 4)
1 Issue in November (Holiday Issue)


Free Term 4 2021 (4 Issues) of your choice

64 reviews for Bundle 1 – 2022 Grade 5 Magazine Subscription

  1. Parent of Lim J** X**


  2. Lim J** X**

    Finding equivalent ratios, area of a Quadrilateral.The games.

  3. Parent of Louis L* Q*** X***

    I like about teaching him whenever he needs help.

  4. Louis L* Q*** X***

    I have learned to do Guess and Check/ drawing models/ Before and After, finding unknown angles and solving patterns.I like finding unknown angles the most.

  5. Parent of Nith***

    Very good

  6. Nith***

    Treats and tricksGames,practice and competitions

  7. Parent of Wong X*** Y*

    The way they solve every problem.

  8. Parent of Sim J** R**

    The layout of the activities is attractive. The contents are informative and useful for independent learning and revision.

  9. Wong X*** Y*

    Making a listSolving every problem

  10. Sim J** R**

    Making a List, Model Method.The competition and the games are interesting, fun and challenging.

  11. Parent of Huang H** Y***

    I don’t like it.

  12. Parent of Charlotte S**

    My child often spends her free time reading and solving the sums in the magazine. It improved her exams scores very much. She says it is easy to read and understand, and also has characters and color for more fun.

  13. Huang H** Y***

    I learnt to do math.Its hard to understand.

  14. Charlotte S**

    I have learnt how to find an angle of an isosceles triangle, learnt how to multiply with our hands, solving problems involving area< and many more...It is easy to digest, read and understand. It also teaches me tips and tricks for fast problem-solving.

  15. Parent of Chua K** S***

    I like about this is that my son can practice by himself and not need to wait for me to tell him what to do . He also learnt many different types of strategies to solve those math questions . Thank you !

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