Bundle 1 – 2023 Grade 4 Magazine Subscription

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+venture in Solving Maths Problems – Primary 4

Celebrate Singapore’s 57th Birthday with our NDP Bundle Special and get 2022 Term 4 issues FREE (4 issues) with every 2023 subscription!

  • Improve thinking and problem solving skills
  • Learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way
  • Follows the latest MOE syllabus
  • Develop problem solving strategies in the MOE curriculum and more
  • FREE 4 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems (Term 4 2022)
  • 16 issues of +venture in Solving Maths Problems 2023
  • 1 Bonus Holiday Issue of +venture in Solving Maths Problems 2023
  • 4 issues sent per school term
  • Each issue contains 16 full color pages of illustrations

Delivery Schedule
2 Issues between 15-31 December (Term 1)
2 Issues in February (Term 1)
4 Issues in March (Term 2)
4 Issues in June (Term 3)
4 Issues in September (Term 4)
1 Issue in November (Holiday Issue)


Free Term 4 2022 (4 Issues) of your choice

74 reviews for Bundle 1 – 2023 Grade 4 Magazine Subscription

  1. Parent of Jessie C**

    The puzzles.

  2. Parent of Lim Z* X***

    I like that there are many challenging questions and also games so that my child can think and play, making maths for her very fun.

  3. Jessie C**

    Working backwards, fractions word problems, guess and check, etc.The comics that are used to explain things.

  4. Lim Z* X***

    I’ve learnt the 4 step. Understand the problem, Plan, Carryout and Check your answers.I like the games the most, especially the mind reading cards.

  5. Parent of Celestine C*** Y*** T***

    It helps my child to understand math concepts after seeing improvement in her maths studies. I like that these magazines are both interesting and educational and that it keeps her hooked for a long time until she finishes the practices.

  6. Celestine C*** Y*** T***

    I learnt how multiply and divide decimals properly and how to find the area or perimeter of a figure using a shorter method.I like how they explain how to do the questions using problems that the characters face. I also like the way they explain the topic clearly so readers will be able to understand properly.

  7. Parent of Jovan K*** W** H**

    Based on MOE syllabus.

  8. Jovan K*** W** H**

    Supposition Method Guess And Check MethodTreats&Tricks

  9. Parent of Remus W***

    Interesting illustrations of Math concepts and great challenging questions. And the answer sheets are easy for parents to explain to the child.

  10. Remus W***

    Guess and check, suppositions and working backwards.I like the treats and tricks section.

  11. Parent of Lim Y* Z**

    The “Let’s Practise” Section

  12. Lim Y* Z**

    UDSC 1 understand the problem 2 Plan 3 carry out 4 check your answerThe tricks and treats

  13. Parent of Lee S** H****

    Lots of pictures and colours. Visually interesting.

  14. Parent of Annie Z*** J****

    The level of the challenges is quite suitable, slightly more difficult than what is taught in school but still relevant.

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