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Geometry Gameset


With at least 10 games in the box, our Geometry set is designed to develop your spatial visualization skills, vital in Upper Primary mathematics. The games and puzzles will provide endless learning through play, keeping alive the joy of mathematics! Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 3. What is inside:

  • Games Skills Reference Chart
  • Game Rules
  • Fun with Geometry Guide
  • Slide and Splash/Hop & Form Game Board
  • 2-Plus-1 Game Cards
  • 3-Plus-1 Game Cards
  • Memory Game Cards
  • 7-Piece Formation Cards
  • Fraction-Tac-Toe/Tangram-Tac-Toe Game Board
  • 4 sets of Tangrams (Red, Blue, Yellow Green)
  • 4 game tokens (Red, Blue, Yellow Green)
  • 3 Dices (Shape dice, Dot dice, Fraction dice)

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