Our office will be closed from 27 Nov to 25 Dec.  During this period, the team at Add-venture Learning is working to bring you exciting content for 2018.  Please email us at subscribe@add-venture.com.sg if you have any enquiries.


Our Maths Magazines

+venture in Maths

Join our Number Friends on an exciting journey to learning Maths! Suitable for Primary 1 to 3 children.

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+venture in Solving Maths Problems

Learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way! Suitable for Primary 4 to 6 children.

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Play As You Learn

Number Games

Experience the joy of learning mathematics and develop your number sense with our Numbers game box. With at least 10 games in the box, it is sure to provide endless enjoyment and meaningful learning. Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 3

Geometry Games

With at least 10 games in the box, our Geometry set is designed to develop your spatial visualization skills, vital in Upper Primary mathematics. The games and puzzles will provide endless learning through play, keeping alive the joy of mathematics! Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 3

Game Packages

SMS Talent


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