Nurture A Love of Maths

Add-venture helps children nurture a love of Maths by embarking on a learning journey with our Number Friends characters!

Learn Through Play

Experience Maths come to live through hand-made crafts, mind-boggling puzzles and interesting games!

Growth Mindset

Develop a Mathematical growth mindset and bond with parents while learning Maths in a fun and meaningful way!

Follows MOE Syllabus

Designed to give primary school children a strong foundation with learning opportunities that recognizes their strength and develop their full potential!

Learn Maths in a Fun and Creative way with

+venture in Maths!

Using innovative learning techniques

+venture in Maths!

Join our Number Friends on an exciting journey to learning Maths! Suitable for Primary 1 to 3 children.

+venture in Solving Maths Problems

Learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way! Suitable for Primary 4 to 6 children.

Make Maths fun by Playing while Learning with

Numbers and Geometry Game Sets

More enjoyment and meaningful learning

Number Games

Experience the joy of learning mathematics and develop your number sense with our Numbers game box. With at least 10 games in the box, it is sure to provide endless enjoyment and meaningful learning. Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 3

Geometry Games

With at least 10 games in the box, our Geometry set is designed to develop your spatial visualization skills, vital in Upper Primary mathematics. The games and puzzles will provide endless learning through play, keeping alive the joy of mathematics! Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 3

Learn at home with ease with


App-venture is for children ages 6 - 9 to navigate the wonderful world of numbers. This App focuses on sound teaching and interesting activities to make the learning of mathematics fun and meaningful.

Hear what Our customers have to say!

+venture in Maths!

At first, my child was struggling in mathematics and rarely got marks more than 50. He told me that the concepts were difficult to understand and too hard. However, since I started subscribing to +venture in Solving Maths Problems, his grades have improved tremendously and he always scores above 95. I don’t know what you did to him in your issues, which he always looks forward to, but thank you so much!

Parent of Quan Zhu Hua

+venture in Solving Maths Problems

The Let’s Practice is a good way for my child to recap. I also like the games. As I play with my child, I know that she is learning maths too. It is good to see that she is having fun as she learn some maths.

Parent of Tew Wen Hui

+venture in Maths!

I like the games, E-practice, stories and the beautiful pictures. The number friends are also very funny.

Tristin Neo Yuxin

+venture in Solving Maths Problems

I like the part where there is a little comic strip which makes it easy for us to understand the problem and at the same time, it also relates to us how such similar problems can arise in our daily lives.

Parent of Aayan Vatsa


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