Games designed by Maths educators to help your child develop Maths problem-solving skills through play!

  • All 4 games
  • 2 sets of pentominoes (12 pieces per set)
  • 1 bag
  • 1 sand-timer
What's Inside

Pento Jr.

  • 20 shape cards printed to scale.
  • Players match 2 cards and form the given shape with 2 pentominoes.
  • Multiple answers for each shape.

Double Pento

  • 12 shape cards.
  • Shapes are not printed to scale to encourage a higher level of visualisation.
  • Multiple answers for each shape.

Triple Pento

  • 12 shape cards, not printed to scale.
  • More advanced play requiring 3 pentominoes to form the shape.
  • Multiple answers for each shape.

Pento Symmetry

  • 12 shape cards, showing half of a symmetrical figure.
  • Players form the complete figure using 3 pentominoes.
  • Grid templates are provided to help with the visualisation process.