A Magazine That

  • improve his/her thinking and problem solving skills
  • learn to solve Maths problems in a fun and enjoyable way
  • develop all the problem solving strategies in the MOE curriculum and more

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based on the MOE syllabus

designed to meet the needs of pupils, parents and teachers

a total of 16 issues + 1 extra issue on challenging problems!

a 16-page, full-colour Maths publication for Primary School pupils with full solutions provided

develops mathematical thinking and problem solving through engaging and well-crafted questions and activities

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Exciting Features

Let’s Learn

Innovative teaching ideas

Let’s Solve

Lively comics to show how each problem can be solved

Let’s Practice

Carefully crafted questions to help master the essential skills

Treats & Tricks

Inspiring stories and interesting puzzles


Interesting questions to challenge the mind

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